Trick fun!

Sandy loves learning tricks, she especially loves doing things with her paws

What dog trainers do when they find basketballs on the road.

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So I figured we’d work on the trick lots of trainers do – walk through my legs & target paws to my feet.

To my surprise, she struggled with this, specifically using both paws at the same time. I conferred with my excellent trick-training friends: Julie of Cat School and Lauren of Lauren’s Leash for some ideas.

(Here’s a photo of Lauren doing this trick with her dog Grayson when I visited them in NYC!)

Through discussion with them, I got Sandy targeting two yogurt lids side by side, then moved them to between my legs. Eventually I will get them further and further apart, but not until it’s clear she is targeting them simultaneously. The video below is our latest progress. She’s also added in a superstitious behaviour – can you see it in the video below?

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