Percy - Afraid Of The Car

Katie first met my Golden Retriever Percy at a private lesson when he was an adorable 9-week old puppy. She got us started on training the right way early on. As a result, I have an incredibly patient, calm and well behaved dog. Percy was certified as a St. John Ambulance therapy dog when he was only a year and a half old. image2

However, some early bad experiences and puppy motion sickness left Percy with a fear of the car. His work with St. John (and regular trips to parks/trails and other fun times!) meant that he needed to get in the car several times a week. For months, I literally had to drag him by his leash to the car and then pick him up (80 pounds!) while he struggled and shove him into the car. I felt so terrible that he was so sad and scared every time we had to go somewhere.

I only waited so long to contact Katie because the problem was so bad that I didn’t think it was fixable.

I had tried all kinds of tasty treats and looked up techniques online. Percy wouldn’t even go near the car. Katie came for a private lesson and showed me how to get him closer to the car, little by little.

I worked with Percy arduously for a week. When Katie came for a follow-up lesson, he was at the point where, when I said “Let’s go practice the car”, he ran to the door! The training sessions had made something scary into something fun. I’m very pleased to report that since that week I have not once had to lift Percy into the car.image1

I have taken group classes with Percy but the focus I get from Katie in one private lesson is easily worth a whole session of 7 group classes.

In addition to the car and the early basic lessons, Katie helped Percy with his tendency to play “keep away” with his (and other’s!) balls at the park. He now (almost always!) drops the ball when I ask him to.

I cannot recommend Katie more highly!