Hazel - Lively Puppy


Hazel was a whirling dervish of puppy sharp teeth and terrier tenacity. She was cute and sweet, but she definitely had a mind of her own. We had signed up for puppy class, but for various reasons, were unable to attend as soon as we would have liked. Feeling overwhelmed, we decided to do a private session to tide us over. Katie helped us out and by the time she left the house, I’m pretty sure I saw a halo appear over her head.

A few months went by, and we were having handling/harness wearing difficulties and leash walking issues. We decided to rehire Katie because she had made such a good impression on us and on Hazel. She came in and immediately assessed the situation.

Once again, her instructions and explanations were clear and delivered in a non-judgmental way. Katie is charming and warm, and the lessons are enjoyable for dogs and humans.

We learned about dog body language, how to give Hazel choices, how to redirect her boundless energy and mouthiness, and how to train to keep her interested. Katie is encouraging and generous with her time. If we were in doubt of something, Katie clarified the instructions, and gave us tips. And when another issue popped up, she generously emailed us information and support for the new problems with links to videos and articles.


There is so much information out there on dog training. Every person you run into has advice to give, and not all of it good.

With Katie, you have a valuable resource to help you sort through it. We have taken Hazel to group lessons and they have been helpful, but a one-on-one training session gives you information specific to your dog’s behaviours, with your dog’s temperament in mind. Every dollar I have spent on private lessons has been worth it.


Hazel has come a long way from that little fuzzy feisty ball of terriertude. She is still all that, but the lessons Katie gave us, along with her reassuring and encouraging words, have been an invaluable foundation for our relationship with our dog.  Hazel is now a more willing participant in what we ask her to do (mostly - squirrels still have an upper hand, but we’re working on it!) and she is fulfilling the potential she had when she came to us - a bright, fun, happy dog, full of life, and an excellent companion. Hazel loves Katie and thanks her for training us so well.