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We Can Help You

From manners, to nuisance behaviours, to fear, anxiety or aggression, Katie wants to help your dog be the best they can be. Biting puppy? Dog afraid of people? Lunging at dogs on leash? We can help!

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Qualified & Experienced

Katie Hood, Owner of We Speak Woof, is certified through Karen Pryor Academy and IAABC (Supporting). Committed to making training fun & rewarding for both dogs and their people we utilize food & play via marker based training (clicker training) to develop reliable behaviours.

Katie's Education History

Convenient, In-Home, Self-Scheduling

Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction & feedback on your dog's training, as well as a behaviour modification plan tailored to your needs. Working at your home allows us to help you in your dog's day-to-day environment, including outdoors.

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